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When the Affordable Care Act passed in 2010, the need for quality, reasonably-priced healthcare became a requirement for everyone. The trained and certified agents at Volko Insurance Agency can help you navigate this challenging new healthcare landscape.

Speak to a professional agent today about how to secure healthcare coverage that works for your budget and works for your life!

Health Insurance FAQs in Pennsylvania

Q: Can you help me understand how healthcare works under the new law?

A: At Volko Insurance Agency, our team of agents is trained and certified to advise and educate clients on how the Affordable Care Act affects their healthcare options. Pennsylvania offers a wide variety of plans through several carriers. We act as advisors who understand not only how the law applies to you, but the details of how the various carriers and plans work. Additionally, we can go further and calculate and obtain any subsidy for which you qualify and apply it to the plan of your choosing!

Q: Can I only get an “Affordable Care Act” plan?

A: At Volko Insurance Agency, we are empowered to offer our clients several different healthcare solutions:

  1. Coverage through the Health Insurance Marketplace: We can calculate and obtain subsidies to significantly lower monthly premium costs on whichever plan you and your agent deem best for you and your family.
  2. Coverage through a carrier-direct plan: We understand that some clients for a variety of reasons will choose not to purchase plans through the Health Insurance Marketplace ( Accordingly, we are able to advise on and obtain the best plan for you directly from the carrier!
  3. Alternative coverage for short term/bridge needs: For many clients who are in a transitional state with their healthcare, (i.e. waiting to obtain coverage under a workplace group plan, etc.) we are able to provide plans with excellent coverage that will bridge the gap until a more permanent or suitable plan can be established.

Q: Will I need to get a physical?

A: No! Under the Affordable Care Act and regardless of prior coverage or conditions, everyone is entitled to receive quality coverage. To that end, one of our highly qualified agents can consult with you on your healthcare needs, give plan recommendations and enroll you in your chosen plan entirely over the phone.

Q: How much does Volko Insurance Agency charge to enroll me in my health plan?

A: You will pay the same amount for your healthcare plan working with one of Volko Insurance Agency’s friendly agents, as you would pay for doing it yourself: Nothing! We offer these services at no charge. Once we have consulted and chosen a plan, we complete the enrollment process from beginning to end! We are convinced that you will see the value we offer and will allow us to quote your other lines of insurance as well. In addition to health insurance, we have vast experience with auto, home, life, renters and commercial lines of insurance.

Common Health Insurance Terms

When discussing health insurance with one of our agents, it helps to understand some of the common terms you’ll run into. Below you’ll find definitions to some of the most common health insurance terms:

Deductible–Amount that you pay toward medical bills before insurance coverage begins.

Co-pay–a specified amount you pay upfront for services (i.e. Doctor Visits, prescriptions, etc.)

Coinsurance–Percentage of total medical bills you pay after meeting your deductible.

Subsidy/Tax Credit –sum granted to qualifying individuals based upon household size and income, used to help offset monthly health insurance costs.

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